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Set up employee onboarding application using Atman

In this blog we will tell you how yo can set up up your own "Employee Onboarding" application using FeldsparTech platform Atman.

Once you set this application up , you can easily configure it to your organization's needs.


Go to

Select "HRMS" from "Products & Services" menu in the header

You will be taken to the HRMS page of the FeldsparTech website


Click on "GET STARTED" button

STEP 3 :

Create your application by filling in the required details on the form

  1. Enter a valid sub-domian name. ( Your application will be created in <yoursubdomain>

  2. Give a valid email ( Give a valid email address as this will be needed in case you forget password)

  3. Choose a user name & password

Click "CREATE" after filling in all details.


You will be taken to the following screen to login to your application


Start accessing the application by entering your login and password.

Start onboarding new employees by navigating to "Onboarding & Recruitment" --> "Employees" tabs. Click on "Onboard Employee"

It is possible to upload pictures and documents of your employees. You can use this as a self-service portal for any new joiner in your organization.

The flows are intuitive. If you need to get the application configured to your organization's needs please contact .


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