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Frequently Asked Questions

Atman Platform

What is included in Free Trial?

We will build a free prototype for you. It is so easy that we will give it to you in just a few days! You get  a fully functional application and platform even for Free Trial. We know you would like to try out all our features before deciding.The Trial Version is hosted in a shared instance of our cloud. No credit card required. Just sign-up and get started right away. The only limitation is storage set at 1 GB.

Is there a limit on number of APIs or Workflows that can be created  using a free version?

No. You can create unlimited number of APIs, applications and worklows using free version. The limit is only on storage.

Is my data safe?

Your data is safe. Only you can access it or export it. SSL encryption is provided even in our free tier. Permissions module lets you define who has access to view or edit your data.

Who owns the IP of the applications developed using Atman?

Applications developed by/for you are your IP. Only the platform and templates belong to FeldsparTech. So, if you develop an application using one of our templates , the application IP is yours while the template will continue to be our ownership.

What are templates?

Atman provides prebuilt functional applications to get you started. You can use these templates as is or and customize to meet your specific requirements.

Can I white-label my applications developed using Atman?

Yes. You can brand your application as you like. We allow white-labelling of applications for all our plans except Free Plan.

Can I create custom domain with Atman?

Yes. With Atman you can create custom domain for your applications.

Can I build mobile apps with Atman?

Applications developed using Atman are responsive web apps. They adjust automatically for different form factors. Atman does not allow or create native code/apps.

Can I export application code?

No code is generated for the applications. You can export /import data. Your implementation logic is rendered through jsons. You can extract jsons.

What can I build using Atman?

You can develop CRUD applications, Approval workflows, Internal Tools, Dashboards, Data Collection applications, Task Assignment and Reporting Tools, Business Processes, Custom Applications and Automated Workflows.

Is API integration available in Atman?

Yes. You can integrate with any APIs and connect new or legacy systems/databases.

Where will the apps be hosted?

Your applications will be hosted in AWS shared cloud. You can also host your applications in any other cloud services- Azure, GCP, IBM or Oracle. You can also choose to host on-premise.

Does Atman offer multiple environments?

Yes. You get Dev, Staging and Production environments based on your license plan.

Can applications be hosted in private virtual cloud?


Is Permissions module available in Standard Plan

Yes. Permissions module is available for use in Standard Plan onwards.

Can SaaS apps be built using Atman?

Yes. You can Partner with us for building enterprise-grade SaaS products.

Does Atman offer version control for applications?

Yes. You can store multiple versions of applications. The number of application versions you can store is dependent on your license plan.

Is training required to build using Atman?

Atman is easy to use and intuitive. Our 'how-to' videos and developer documentation within Atman guide you to build easily. If you still desire training, our expert engineering support members can train you at a nominal charge.

Atman FAQs
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