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What is low-code?

Low-code refers to development methodology where application development is accomplished with very little coding. With low-code, application development is performed using drag and drop features or visual modeling. Low-code development increases the speed of application delivery and empowers non-coders to contribute towards IT effort.

What is no-code?

No-code application development does not require any coding for developing applications. Simple applications such as forms and web pages can be developed using GUI. With no-code, customizations are limited as compared to low-code. Many consider no-code as a subset of low-code solutions.

What is LCAP?

Low-code application development platform (LCAP) offers the ability for rapid application development, deployment and execution. LCAPs support the use of declarative, high-level programming abstractions (model-driven and metadata-based services) for application development, thus avoiding the need for skilled developers.

Robotic Process Automation deals with automating business processes with the help of software code often referred to as robots or bots. Repetitive processes and functions that consume employees’ time are automated using RPA software. Many RPA providers automate the generation of bots. Low-code platforms can immensely help in RPA initiatives by helping compose highly configurable bots.

Is low-code for mobile and web development only?

Low-code can be used to build any kind of applications. Many low-code vendors focus on drag and drop visual modeling to build only websites and mobile applications. There are others that provide integration or composition from multiple services apart from providing scalability, performance and high availability. Many low-code vendors provide support for complex business operations via BPMS, BRMS and DMS.

What is Atman Platform?

Atman is a cloud based application development platform. It can be used to build applications without writing code. However, if you want to embed your code you can do that too.

Atman provides easy integration with third-party systems and services using APIs.

Who owns the applications developed using Atman Platform?

Applications developed by/for you are your IP. Only the platform and templates belong to FeldsparTech. So, if you develop an application using one of our templates , the application IP is yours while the template will continue to be owned by us.

What is RPA?

What can I build using Atman Platform?

You can develop CRUD applications, Approval workflows, Internal Tools, Dashboards, Data Collection applications, Task Assignment and Reporting Tools, Business Processes, Custom Applications and Automated Workflows.

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