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A low-code platform by FeldsparTech

Build More. Code Less

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Build more, Code less with Atman

Atman is a cloud based platform for orchestrating composable applications, business processes and business applications.


Atman provides visual development tools supported by expression languages and scripting for an accelerated solution development experience.


Do More with Less

With advancements in technology, it is now possible to accomplish more with very little coding.


Developing solutions is more of orchestration of pre-defined services and pre-built components.


With just a few clicks your software solution is ready!

Technology Simplified

Atman simplifies technology, accelerates implementation, reduces turnaround times &  insulates from technology changes.


You can now say goodbye to missing timelines, backlogs and escalating project costs!


Faster Go-live

Reduce workload on your overworked IT team.


Atman can help you automate the mundane and repeatable in matter of few weeks, freeing up your technology experts to focus on more critical issues.


Atman helps you utilize your resources judiciously!


March in step with Business.


One-step Deployment

Go-live with click of a button.

Integrated CI/CD DevOps


No Coding Skills

Build applications & workflows even with no coding experience


Faster Development

Speed up application development up to 10 times


Cost Savings

Reduce dependency on expensive coding skills

A Platform For All


Atman can be used to build real world applications by

Individuals, Small Business Owners and Large Enterprises.


Atman is designed for the use of all roles in an organization.

It can be used by Citizen Developers, Low-code Engineers, Developers and Business Users.


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Plugin Architecture


Dashboards for Realtime Status


API based for Easy Integration

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Insightful Reports & Analysis

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Instant Changes to Workflows

Achieve with Atman

Automate Manual Processes

Move away from inefficient paper based processes. Go online and harness the power of Cloud. Improve your operational efficiency with Atman in just a few clicks of a button. It is that easy!

Accelerate Digital Journey

Your digital transformation should not slow down due to lack of expertise. Atman makes software solution implementations easy, removing obstacles on your path and accelerating your digital journey.

Modernize Legacy Implementations

Older technology implementations can be a drag on your business operations. Many a times maintenance of such systems is very costly. With Atman you can build brand new applications custom-built for your needs. Atman enables a step by step approach to building modern-day applications. What's more, it does not impact your IT budget adversely! 

Innovate to Offer New Products & Services

Empower your business and IT teams to experiment. Encourage them to try the new and fail sometimes. With Atman the cost of failure is low because of the negligible effort required to build. This reduced cost in trying something new can promote a culture of innovation in your organization.

Faster Prototyping

Ideas usually die if not nurtured in time. The mere thought of effort involved in building a workable solution can discourage you from starting. Atman offers easy prototyping. See your idea work effectively within a matter of a few days. Use the guardrails provided by the platform to ​keep your focus on building rather than coding.

Build More. Code Less.