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A Recruitment Firm Partnered with FeldsparTech to move from Excel to the Cloud

Unable to scale-up due to limitations of Excel-based processes a Recruitment Firm, for skilled resource hiring & placement, went looking for a partner that could help them move to the Cloud.




HR & Recruitment



Our client is a staffing company recruiting skilled professionals for overseas deployment. Apart from the expected scrutiny and selection of job seekers the company deals with different service providers like advertising, travel and visa agencies.



Excel Based Processes | Difficulty in Scaling-up | Out Of Sync Partners



All the tracking and communication was being managed through Excel sheets. This served well till the company was small and operations were limited to a particular geography.


However, the company's growth resulted in more multinational operations and multi-agency interactions. This needed more than Excel sheets to scale-up operations efficiency to serve its customers well.


The client decided to have a digitized workflow. There were no products meeting the specific requirements of our client. So our client decided to build a custom solution for their requirement. However, as there was no big IT team , getting started with building such a system was difficult.




  • 80% cost savings in building a custom application

  • Faster go-to-market in just 3 weeks as against 4-6 months estimated by traditional application developers

  • Able to process 40% more job applications

  • 25% reduction in number of days taken to close requests

  • Satisfaction levels of customers and candidates up by 10% due to better communication



Flexible Partner for IT | Cost-Efficient Service | Incremental Development


Our client then decided to find a vendor that could understand and help them take the leap of faith towards digitization, without charging a fortune!


The client wanted someone who could be their partner and guide them at every step without getting them entangled in technicalities.


The client wanted to start with basic requirements and then build the system incrementally.


Incremental | Agile | Accelerated


Their need for flexibility, agility and cost efficiency brought them to FeldsparTech. They liked the openness and transparency demonstrated by FeldsparTech. In particular, they liked the ease with which business workflows could be captured and automated using Atman platform.

  • As a first step, the client explained their workflows. 

  • The FeldsparTech team then implemented these workflows using Atman Platform.

  • After every major functionality implementation a demo was arranged for the client.

  • Feedback from the client was taken after every demo.

  • After a few such iterations, FeldsparTech converted all data capture and approval flows from Excel sheets to an application on Cloud. Additionally, FeldsparTech provided custom Report functionality in the application.

  • Approval flows, User & Role Management, Document Management, Access Control, Data Encryption, Reporting were all achieved in just 3 weeks’ time.


Data capture is now easy with enhanced user experience. The application guides users step by step thus avoiding gaps in data capture.The client is able to track tasks and ensure timely closures. All involved parties get to see their relevant data and are in sync irrespective of their locations.

The company data is secured and protected through access control, encryption and audit trails.



  • The Client is able to process 40% more job applications

  • Closure of cases is faster by 25%

  • Satisfaction levels of customers and candidates is up by 10% due to better communication

  • Data security, access control and roles have ensured accountability

  • 30% increase in productivity of the team

  • Since the application is deployed on AWS Cloud, there is no additional effort for infrastructure maintenance. The downtimes are less than 1%

  • Changes to the application are super easy and the existing team can implement them without having to know coding

  • The client is able to focus entirely on the core business rather than worrying about systems and technical expertise

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