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An export promotion council increased buyer-seller connect by creating a comprehensive business directory using Atman

The Plastics Export Promotion Council represents the exporting community in the Indian Plastics industry. The discovery of products and services provided by plastics manufacturers was difficult without an easy to access and quick to search directory. While the council had data, it was not online and was not accessible to buyers. The council wanted a partner that could covert their requirements into a working application within budget and expected timelines.




The PLEXCONCIL represents the exporting community in the Indian Plastics industry. It was one of several Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) launched by the Government to project India's image as a reliable supplier of high-quality products in order to give a boost to the country’s exports.




Information silos | Duplicate Data Entries | Difficult to get the right information


For lack of a state-of-the-art directory, many export opportunities went unattended, resulting in loss of business and exports for the country. Many a time the discovery of was difficult even for Indian buyers who then ended up importing products were readily available within the country.


The information about buyers and sellers was in excel spreadsheets with different owners. The format was different and there were many duplicate entries. Finding the right buyer /seller would take multiple mails  or calls and would span across days.




Effort Saved


Costs Saved



Annual Savings



System Down Time

Less than 1%


Business Impact

Directory from paper to online

Discovery of buyer-seller quick and easy



Evolving system | Flexible to changes| Easy to Maintain


  • PLEXCONCIL wanted FeldsparTech to completely own the implementation of their idea.

  • FeldsparTech was expected to design, integrate with existing systems for authentication etc, implement and set up the infrastructure.

  • The application was expected to have the following functionalities:

    • Subscription based access to the directory information

    • Ability to self register

    • A powerful 'search' that would help visitors find the right information with minimal attempts

    • Self help for subscribed users to update their company information.

  • FeldsparTech was expected to upload data from existing excel spreadsheets

  • Collect new data using custom built forms, like google-forms and  directly update it in the new system.

  • Build a system that is simple to operate, easy to understand and flexible for changes. To be built within a few weeks and at a reasonable cost.


Agile | Fast | Cost-effective


  • Customer shared requirements.

  • FeldsparTech quickly developed a working application using Atman.

  • Integrations with internal systems ( authentication, mail) and external systems like payment gateway was done.

  • There were multiple demos for feedback until the application was good to go!

  • FeldsparTech helped the customer setup cloud instance on AWS.

  • The application was ready within 6 weeks of customer engaging with us.

  • This was possible due to the prebuilt components and services in Atman.



The application is accessible on web as well as on mobile phones and tablets. Changes need to be made only at one place and not to different application versions.




  • Single version of company data. Real-time updates.

  • Easy buyer-seller discovery

  • Standardized search allows product search using HSN codes

  • User-friendly filter to pin point the product or company of interest.

  • No additional hires for maintenance of the new system

  •  System downtime almost 0%

  • More time to focus on core business than worrying about technology

  • Faster 'Go-To-Market’

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