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JOIN US and solve problems FAST

Our Partnership Program helps you focus on "Problem Solving" than spending your efforts in building programing skills and managing coders.


Benefit from our low-code offerings. Gain productivity and cost savings.

Delight your customers with speed and agility in developing modern day solutions.



Build More. Code Less 

Partnership Types


Advise and guide customers in adopting our low-code platform


Deliver custom solutions for customers using our platform 


Use our platform to build your products

Partnership Program Features

  • Training and hand holding through workshops

  • Collaborative solutions development

  • Early access to upgrades and new offerings

  • Joint participation in sales pursuits

  • Joint marketing of solutions and services

  • Attractive sales and license commissions


Why Partner with FeldsparTech?

  • Utilize state-of-the-art platform designed for speed and extreme flexibility of execution

  • FeldsparTech is a lean organization with responsive support and zero bureaucracy

  • Our size makes us nimble for continuous innovation

  • Achieve productivity gains and cost savings

  • Be part of the low-code revolution and grow with us

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Flexibility with Speed

Our platform is designed specifically for low code development unlike other solutions.
Gives you the extreme flexibility and speed in delivering your solutions.

Security and Focus

Our platform provides encryption, security and performance at scale.
The reliability of our platform lets you focus on solving problems and stop worrying about technology.

Support For Success

Our support team will engage with you at every step and ensure successful implementation of your ideas. You will get a trustworthy partner dedicated to your success.
Benefits of Partnering with FeldsparTech