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 a comprehensive solution for   managing NGO operations 

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 NGO Assist 

Social initiatives require the right use of technology to create an impact.

Using tools like Excel spreadsheets and Google sheets can limit scalability and hinder governance.

Creating good IT solutions in-house is expensive and needs expertise.
NGO Assist helps overcoming such challenges faced by NGOs.
  • Launch initiatives quickly

  • Keep your data safe and secure

  • Meet governance requirements

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NGO Assist is a subscription based service.
Accessible on all devices anytime anywhere based on role and authorization.
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NGO Assist is highly flexible and can be configured to meet your organization's specific needs.

Whether you're a small NGO or a large organization, you can tailor NGO Assist to suit your requirements.

Capture data from surveys and other sources, and create custom dashboards to visualize your data.
Monitor the progress of your initiatives, measure your impact, and make data-driven decisions.

You can also generate reports to help you meet reporting requirements for donors and other stakeholders.

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