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Individuals Entrepreneurs Startups

If you have an IDEA, we will help you take it to the market.

Your budget. Your timelines.

Get the software you always wanted

No coding required

No codin with FeldsparTech

Use of prebuilt and pre tested code components. You don't need to know coding to maintain or enhance your solution.

Save your funds


You don't need to hire technical experts. You get all your technical needs fulfilled with us . You save more than 70% costs when you work with us.

Faster go-to-market

Launch Fast with FeldsparTech

No endless conversations. You get the MVP in time. Even changes to requirements do not delay the launch.

Avoid the trap!

Limited resources and uncharted territory. True for explorers and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and startups often are short of funds and time. They are sometimes pushed towards compromises like using a firm with little expertise as it comes cheap or using a freelancer as she seems approachable, knowledgeable and available. Lucky if things work out well this way!

You need the stability of an organization that not only develops the solution but also provides you the support at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

We are able to to provide you time and cost savings with our approach of using low-code platform to develop a custom solution. Add to it the reliability and continuity we bring in as an organization. Our technical support provides you help on priority for enhancing your MVP or prototype features. We are second to none when it comes to Cloud and AWS.

Choose us and we will take care of all your technology requirements - deliver in time and within expected budget.

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