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for Safe Community Building in Schools

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A Controlled Environment

Where moderation ensures that no child feels bullied or left out

Provides a
Secure Gateway

A safe introduction to the Online World of Social Media

Teaches Community Etiquettes

So that children learn to responsibly interact online

Prepares Children

With a worldview of the 21st century

SchoolBUS provides the ability for online community building sans the pitfalls of online media.

It offers a Secure and Safe environment for students.

Schools get their own set-up that no outsider can access.
Domain Form


A platform for students to showcase their creative side.

 Notice Board

Publish Notices online to all communities.

Easy to set-up

Easy to self-register

Easy to configure

Polls & Events

Conduct polls or manage events for the schools.


Ability to object or flag a post.

Auto moderation for content.


Promote exchange of ideas amongst students through writing.


Create clubs and communities for common interests and causes.

User Management

Add and manage new members.

Create any level of hierarchies.

21st Century Learning

Modern tool for modern-day learning. Ethical and fun-filled!

On-cloud so you can start using it right away. You can have your own instance or on-premise setup.

Read how schools are using
SchoolBUS to teach students 21st century skills!
SchoolBUS By Feldspartech
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