For Safe Community Building in Schools





To children so that they know how to to post and react in Social Media

Social Media seems like an unsafe and nasty place when we think of our children.

Is it a right to ban our children from using Social Media?

A good approach would be to teach them to navigate through the risks.
Make them learn how to behave in a Social Media World.

Connecting, collaborating, showcasing, sharing and learning is good for our well being.

SchoolBus provides the ability for online community building sans the perils of Social Media.

It offers a Secure and Safe environment for students.


Promote exchange of ideas amongst students through writing.


Create clubs and communities for common interests and causes.

Polls & Events

Conduct polls or manage events for the schools.


Ability to object and flag a post. Moderators in system for reviews.


A platform for students to showcase their creative side.

 Notice Board

Publish Notices online to all communities.

Publish on Approval

Approval workflow for posts so that you control them.

Easy Onboarding

Easy to add and manage new members.

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On-cloud so you can start using it right away. You can have your own instance or on-premise setup.