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Is safe online community for school students possible?

Safe online community for school children with SchoolBUS by FeldsparTech
Safe online community for school children

Social media and school-going children! Is there anything more terrifying for a parent? While most parents consider it vile, there are good uses of it too!

Social media can cause frauds, addiction, trolling and cyberbullying. It can be detrimental to ones self esteem if one gets in the trap of likes, upvotes or claps. For children there is the risk of getting exposed to inappropriate content. At a tender age where children are sensitive to the world around them this can make social media a place out of bounds!

Ban social media for children and they will be tempted to try it out secretly. They may end up doing the wrong things.

There are some good uses of Social Media too. It promotes interaction, content sharing, collaboration, awareness and lots of learning.

Modern education requires modern tools for learning. Social media learning and etiquettes are essential for a modern student. Social media by itself is not dangerous. It’s the manner in which it’s used that can be the problem. It is best to expose children to the right form of social media.

There are community platforms that offer interactions, sharing and collaboration. However, most of these platforms are designed for grownups. The communities are self governed and users are free to post what they choose. While most community platforms work well for the adults, there is a risk if they are used as is for children.

A wrong post or bullying or trolling or inappropriate content can have devastating impact on school-going children.

What is needed is an environment that promotes the positive aspects of a social community:

  1. Sharing, collaboration and creativity with a proper control over what is being posted.

  2. An approval process for posts, an audit trail of what was posted by whom even when it was later deleted.

  3. A safe and secure community platform where the pitfalls of social media are avoided.

  4. Lets students use the power of social networking to interact with each other, collaborate, showcase their talents and learn to responsibly react to views.

  5. A platform that can promote creativity, teamwork and responsibility by providing a secure isolated environment dedicated to a school.

  6. A platform that can be monitored and governed by a body of students and teachers without much effort.

SchoolBUS does exactly that.

Team work and collaboration with SchoolBUS by FeldsparTech
Team work and collaboration with SchoolBUS by FeldsparTech

It can serve as directory of students - past and present. An alumni network of sorts where advise can be sought from the students who have passed out from the school and are doing well in their respective fields.

A simple directory also helps a new student joining the school to reach out and get connected with fellow students. Or to find common interest areas/hobbies with the students that one is going to study with.

Many schools have found this platform useful for community building amongst students - by forming clubs and study groups where students can interact with each other to exchange information and ideas.

All you need is a login to access the SchoolBUS application on secure cloud. You can have your own setup totally dedicated to your school. Create you own school space. FREE trial here! For more details on SchoolBUS visit:


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