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3 Challenges Schools Face With Online Classroom Teaching

With the pandemic still continuing unabated, institutions and industries should find new ways to continue working. Schools and colleges need to find out a solution to connect with their students. Just as home is the new office for working professionals, it will become classroom for students.

It is certain that education will have a necessary online component. However, educational institutions need to be cautious while embracing online medium for interactions with students.

Below are issues and challenges that institutions need to overcome:

1. Virtual World Distracts

The online mode will be a big shift from on premise education and will be challenging for both students and teachers. Virtual world is very distracting especially if it is for school goers. Physical proximity ensured attention and focus.

Teachers and students both will have to get used to working online. It is a big cultural shift that the whole institution need to undergo.

2. Not all Teachers are Tech Savvy

Teachers will have the additional task of preparing digital assets for classroom teaching now. This can burden them as creating study material for classroom teaching with blackboard is different from teaching online.

Not all teachers are tech savvy and the effort of creating assets for online teaching can be overwhelming. The challenge for schools will be 'training' the trainers to impart education using the new 'online' channel. Teachers who are used to on premise interactions with students will find it difficult to move to a virtual world.

3. Poor Solution can be a drain

It is not just video conferencing but everything about collaboration, content creation, student progress tracking and participation. A solution that does not address all requirements of teachers and students alike will be a drain on the system. Schools need to evaluate a solution thoroughly before buying.

Academize is designed specifically to equip schools and teachers with tools to ensure continuation of education through online medium. Academize mimics the classroom. It gives instructors all necessary controls to ensure attention and participation. It also empowers teachers to seamlessly create and share content with students.

If you are interested in transforming teaching in your institution, please contact us or write to us at


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