A Pharma distributor created a B2B e-commerce application using FeldsparTech's low-code platform

A pharma distributor wanted to use technology to bring in efficiencies and pass on the benefits to its retail pharmacists. The distributor wanted to cut down on paperwork and the times required to fulfill orders. FeldsparTech helped him created a B2B e-commerce application using Atman.




A large pharma distributor


Our customer is a Wealth Management Company with an AUM of just under $50 million. It requires a high-touch approach and timely communication with customers.




Paper-based process | No Order Tracking | Manual Process 


Our customer was using paper-based order taking. A representative of our customer would visit the pharamacies and write down orders on paper.

Then the pharmacies would make payments through online banking, bank cheque or a payment gateway.

The process was disconnected. The pharmacies could not track order.


Our customer did not have a real time and unified view of  orders or pending payments. 


Also the manual process was prone to errors. The customers often complained of lack of visibility of the progress in fulfilling the order.

As the process was manual it could not scale up. Also, it was inefficient and the end customers did not get any benefits of cost savings.




Effort Saved


Costs Saved



Annual Savings



System Down Time

Less than 1%


Turnaround time for a new Change

1 working day


Business Impact

20% increase in Lead Conversion

18 % Reduction in Client Turnover







Simple System | Flexible to Changes| Easy to Maintain


Our Customer wanted a system:

  • Where pharmacies could enter their orders

  • Since the pharmacists were making transition from paper to a system, the system had to be easy to operate

  • Simple to operate, easy to understand and flexible for changes.

  • To be built within a few months and at a reasonable cost.

  • That was easy to maintain and did not require expensive tech experts.

  • Needed to have the ability to integrate with manufacturer's systems, payment gateway and existing applications for authentication.

  • That guided account reps to follow-up with customers regularly.


Agile | Fast | Cost-effective


  • Customer shared requirements.

  • FeldsparTech quickly developed a working application using Atman.

  • There were multiple demos for feedback until the application was good to go!

  • The application was ready within 2 weeks of customer engaging with us.

  • This was possible due to the prebuilt components and services in Atman.


A custom CRM in 2 weeks at a cost that is one tenth of what a traditional application provider quoted!


The application is accessible on web as well as on mobile phones and tablets. Changes need to be made only at one place and not to different application versions.



Our customer continues to be happy!



  • Super-fast “Go-To-Market’

  • Application development cost savings: of more than 80%

  • No additional hires for maintenance of the new system

  • Reduced system downtime

  • Reduced customer turnover

  • More time to focus on core business than worrying about technology