Compliance Simplified

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Regulations change to keep up with changing times. Implementing these rules for adherence is a challenge for organizations. Most organizations struggle with timely rollout of compliance projects. Failing to meet deadlines can cause reputational, monetary as well as business losses.

Every new regulatory guideline tests the architecture and design of existing IT systems. It also puts to test the ability of the IT team to turnaround a change in quick time. Therein lies the challenge. Design deficiencies and lack of skills are all prevalent impediments. Meeting deadlines is an arduous task.



uCompliance offers an easy and simplified way of capturing rules, performing validations and rolling them out into production.


  • Data Ingestion from varied sources with pre and post validation of data

  • Configuration without the need for technical skills

  • User configurable extraction and compliance rules for quick implementation of changes in regulatory requirements

  • Perform what-if analysis on the fly before rolling out to production

  • Autoscaling micro services based architecture allows fast processing of large volumes of data

  • Easy integration with external systems and data sources

  • Plugin architecture enhances the power of the platform by allowing addition of custom-built plugins


  • Increase in productivity

  • Increase in efficiency - faster time to market

  • Zero dependence on tech skills

  • Cost savings for IT