Built using Atman platform in one-tenth the time and half the effort than traditional development


For Teachers

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Augment classroom teaching


Create course content faster


Livestream classroom  sessions, ensure collaboration


Upload videos and other contents and catalogue them


Publishing Management

Stacked Books

One platform to manage all your publishing needs​​

Define workflows, monitor progress of each stage

Collaborate with all stakeholders

Improve productivity and quality


Compliance Solution

Book of Laws

Meet Compliance Deadlines

Perform simulations before moving to production

Data crunching at speed

Easy rules definition


PatientCare Measurement

Medical Record Analysis

Helps you track, monitor and measure your patient care quality

Helps participating clinics, hospitals and professionals in automating eCQMs

​CQL compliance helps in capturing quality measures accurately


​Faster and easier changes to the system  for evolving CQMs​