End to End Publishing Management

Comic Books

Publishing is a complex process involving multiple stages and contributions. The final product is an outcome of extensive collaboration between author, editor, illustrator, designer and publisher.

There are tools available for various stages and these tools meet specific requirements very well. But a unifying tool that allows collaboration, monitoring and managing of the processes and tasks is not available in the industry. With multiple content to manage ensuring collaboration on parallel tasks can be a nightmare for the Publisher.


Lack of such a tool impacts the production efficiency and makes operations laborious.



eBlishing offers features for collaboration, tracking, monitoring and management

  • Dashboard for a complete view of activities and their status

  • Ownership of tasks at various stages

  • On line real time collaboration for document and content review

  • Integration with Design Tools

  • Ability to manage multiple activities and content (Tasks/Projects/Content/Books)


  • Productivity Increase

  • Efficiency increase - faster time to market

  • Quality improvement through effective monitoring