PatientCare Measurement 

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Healthcare services need to be measured for quality and efficiency. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) to measure the quality of healthcare services. This is applicable to all Eligible Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), Eligible Professionals (EPs) and Eligible Clinicians participating in programs Medicare Incentive, Medicaid Incentive and Quality Payment Programs.

The assessment of specific clinical process and outcome needs to be performed and reported electronically (eCQM). There are challenges in capturing the measure accurately and clearly, pulling data from CDS and analysing for action and reporting electronically. Payments are tied to measuring quality and reporting it in a timely manner. Mistakes in interpreting and calculating can be costly for the clinics.

Healthcare providers are required to report CQMs electronically (eCQM) by using the data extracted from health information systems like EHRs (Electronic Health Records). The CMS uses eCQMs for a wide variety of reporting and value-based purchasing programs, including the assessment of treatment outcomes by healthcare providers and organizations.



Clinalytics helps you track, monitor and measure your patient care quality. It helps participating clinics, hospitals and professionals in automating eCQMs.

  • Data ingestion and extraction

  • CQL compliance helps in capturing quality measures accurately

  • Faster and easier changes to the system for constantly evolving CQMs

  • Dashboard for a complete view of activities and their status

  • Easy integration with external systems and data sources like EHR and CDS


  • Timely reporting and adherence to regulations

  • Increase in efficiency - faster time to market

  • Monitoring Results improves Quality