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In the changing world scenarios where travelling to educational institution is difficult even for primary school or higher education, online learning can supplement and even augment teaching.

However, not many solutions out there focus on transforming classroom teaching and helping teachers be more efficient. Most of the tools being used today are quick conversions of office collaboration tools and do not attend to the specific needs of tutors and students.

Online Tutorial

Teaching has been traditionally carried out face to face and within the confines of a brick and mortar institution. With the advent of internet and availability of bandwidth, online education companies have gained popularity with learners.


Transforming Teaching

Academize Features

Academize is a complete Learning Management Platform for schools and educational institutions that helps in quality content creation, delivery and management, effective teaching and assessment of student progress.


Academize has been designed to help educators transform teaching. It is an easy to use platform for the educators to create courses, conduct live training  sessions, perform recorded classroom teaching, upload videos and ensure participation of students - whether in class or online.

  • Live streaming of classroom teaching

  • Role based controls

  • Uploading pre recorded videos or any other type of content

  • Recording of videos

  • Cataloguing of assets

  • Collaboration with students

  • Monitoring of student progress

  • Assignment creation and evaluation

Benefits of Academize

  • Create Content Faster

  • Increase Teaching Efficiency

  • Easy Content Management and Distribution

  • Continue Teaching irrespective of Disruptions

  • Reach More Students

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